Never Grow Old

Serbian-born and LA-grown Masha is a mover of underground sound. From producing some of the city’s most recognized electronic music events with MFG Productions to music curating, Masha has stepped into her own and is bringing her touch to the turntables. An electronic digger of disco and house music, Masha recently created a mix for Natology called Never Grow Old. 

Never Grow Old captures the carefree feeling of a hot summer night. The mix spans through time journeying from disco to house. It begins with Goody Goody’s 1978 It Looks Like Love, and ends with Tom Trago’s contemporary sampling of the classic tune. In between, the disco ball’s glow fades behind the bright lights of the laser beams. The pace intensifies, the volume increases and the plot thickens. We find ourselves in a 90s soulful house paradise.