Will is more being than human. He understands life a little differently than most people, which gives him a point of view for a story worth telling. There’s a deep connection to nature and mother earth, alongside technology as his form of expression. William Ismael, also known as WILLPOWER, is an LA artist who documents his lifestyle through coding, programing, design, music, and projection. Will’s recent body of work consists of interactive installations based on movement and sound. He converts spaces into living worlds where pixels meet sacred geometry and pictures are painted through his audience and their moves.

His lifestyle embodies that of a bodhisattva in the twenty first century. A well dressed vagabond with a raw vegan diet based on hyper-local produce. Will describes himself as an Urban Warrior, which he defines as someone living in an urban environment that is conscious of pollutants and takes action to enhance their mental, physical, and spiritual health. There’s a lot of layers to WILLPOWER, most of which I’m still discovering but I'm happy to be on that adventure and share his point of view.