Studio Visit: Oliver Sanchez | Swampspace

Oliver Sanchez is the artist’s artist. He is an art world OG with an intoxicatingly humble personality and a mental archive of the most brilliant stories. Ocean Drive Magazine named him Miami's best kept secret in a full-feature that touches on every point of his career. He's known as the fabricator that brings artists' dreams to life but his being is the art itself.

Oliver moved to Miami from Cuba in the 1970s when art was a rare concept to the city’s repertoire. This drew him to NYC in the 1980s where he became a part of the movement that shaped the course of art. His stories are lined with the energy of revolutionary characters and the differences and similarities to the expansion we see in Miami today. I stopped by Oliver’s studio and gallery Swampspace for a hang and a few cups of his famous cafecito. Swampsace is Miami’s finest un-gallery and like Oliver, it is the experience itself.