Wayward | Nomads

By definition Wayward is the way of the traveler; the one that’s in it for the adventure. Destination is a relative space and in this particular story it’s a bifocal path made for riders. Motorcycle riders that is. Wayward is a menswear collection developed by Los Angeles designer and motorist, Sam Adegoke. It’s a collection made from a sharp style influenced by a lineage of West African tailors, the edge of a well traveled gentleman, and the consciousness of a rider. In other words, it’s a premium line of denim and leather designed to keep our dapper riders safe. Not mad at that. My vote is on enhancing the safety and lifespan of well-dressed men.

Congratulations to Sam for the debut of Wayward's Nomad Collection. From my first studio visit last year where original patterns met ideas, to its presence on the runway, Adegoke has began a journey that is shaping the consciousness, fashion, and functionality of motorcycle riders.