Natology x Future Eyes

What is the difference between imagination and seeing the future? The future is a singular moment in time. Natology is proud to present her latest artist, Future Eyes. Developed by artist-inventor and writer Brent Pearson, Future Eyes are experiential sculptures that shift and transcend time. From exploring the electromagnetic spectrum of color to working with prisms, frequency, and light, Pearson has gifted us a lens to document the shifting times. Future Eyes captures the world through a Kaleidoscopic lens while asking you to increase your optical abilities. These kaleidoscopic glasses put its users in the mind of the inventor, creating a cathartic otherworldly experience that is both ephemeral and singular in its creative vision for the future in present time. The world responds to our imagination, which is the essence of change.

“Kaleidoscope comes from the Ancient Greek words Kalos, Eidos, and Skopeo – Beauty, Shape, and to Look. In other words, to see the beauty of life.” Brent Pearson