Kiki Valdes

As we continue on this adventure through the evolution of thought, we see the importance of language and finding a distinct voice. That is because the dialogue that is happening right now is writing about a particular time in history. I am continually awed by my friends and how they are participating in this conversation. Speaking of which, my homie Kiki Valdes has developed a new language that merges expressionist art and contemporary culture.

The Valdaziacs presented by Michael Margulies Artist Agency is a solo exhibition about human complexities, layers, and process as told by cats like Ren & Stimpy. Kiki uses 90s cartoon references to create an air of nostalgia that is a point of familiarity amidst an abstract story. His paintings are presented as a study that’s curated to show the process and evolution of thought. Basic shapes and curves hold it down on consistency while the paintings reflect complete and incomplete thoughts. Despite the layering and delayering of ideas, the work comes from a radically humble perspective that allows it to reach a wide audience. Excited to see where this whole thing will go, I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty big. If you’re in Miami, you have until May 9th to check out his show in the Design District at 101 Exhibit Gallery.