By definition Wayward is the way of the traveler; the one that’s in it for the adventure. Destination is a relative space and in this particular story it’s a bifocal path made for riders. Motorcycle riders that is. Wayward is a menswear collection developed by Los Angeles designer and motorist, Sam Adegoke. It’s a collection made from a sharp style influenced by a lineage of West African tailors, the edge of a well traveled gentleman, and the consciousness of a rider. In other words, it’s a premium line of denim and leather designed to keep our dapper riders safe. Not mad at that. My vote is on enhancing the safety and lifespan of well-dressed men.

Sam’s vision is two-fold. Alongside Wayward is the Helmet Project, a non-profit that focuses on improving rider safety in developing countries. The Helmet Project will launch in West Africa next year, bringing education, equipment, and advocacy to Liberia. His first destination is as calculated as the abrasion resistant lining of his garments. Transitioning from the end of a civil war in 2003, Liberia is in the hands of the first female black president and is well on its way towards rebuilding a nation that could very well shape a continent. There is an intrinsic camaraderie amongst riders and Sam is building a movement that connects across the socio-economic spectrum. I’ll be writing a lot more about Wayward, the Helmet Project, and a Natology collaboration in the months to come. In the meantime, here are shots from Wayward’s launch at ConceptLA.