The Art of Getting Weird

Getting weird is as common to the west coast vernacular as warehouse parties are to underground subculture. Often used within that context, the expression defines the experience of fun for the sake of fun. It’s the je ne se quoi of saying fuck it and allowing what is to be. Within this lies a moment in which inhibition and invisible constraints are bypassed. That’s where the magic happens. In breaking away from normative patterns we are able to vibrate at a frequency conductive to expanding creativity.

Originally using the expression within the context of partying, I realized that what it actually describes is a state of existence similar to that from which we are inspired to create. The Art of Getting Weird is a new series I’m exploring in redefining the act of getting weird through spontaneous and unstructured collaborations. Curious by its cognitive and creative value, I asked friends for their reactions to the term “let’s get weird.” The responses went hand in hand with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll while containing a liberating element present in cultural shifts. These are not foreign concepts as there’s a reason for their presence within the formative years of creative movements.

Painting by Caroline Geys

Speaking of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll and the je ne se quoi of saying fuck it, I’d like to share my latest spontaneous collab with a new friend named Jawny. I met Jawny a couple months ago walking down Spring Street in Downtown LA. Jawny is a photographer, stylist, and art director who is currently building his creative baby / project Pronounced XEEX. Actually pronounced sex /seks/ it is a lifestyle brand / agency / blog focusing on his particular subcultural aesthetics aka Versace-inspired weird. I invited him over last week for our first hang and here’s a peak of what we came up with.