Natology is proud to be a part of Downtown Los Angeles' newest art auction house BID27LA. Inspired by 27 Rue de Fleurus, Gertrude Stein’s famous art salons of the nineteen twenties, Bid27 serves as a single destination for discovering culturally progressive art while providing informative mentorship for artists and purchasing guidance for collectors. In the spirit of creative movements and the current shift in paradigm, this marks another evolution for contemporary art and its patrons.

BID27 launched its inaugural auction on Thursday April 17th, 2014 at Think Tank Gallery, bringing with it a new platform that enhances support for our creative community. With 10% of all proceeds donated to MCLA (Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles) and a group exhibition featuring a spectrum of painting aesthetic, BID27 introduced the art auction to Downtown LA. This once marginalized arena broke boundaries of how an art auction functions, its audience, and the works. For the first time, BID27LA auctioned the experience of an ephemeral performance featuring YOZMIT's Skywalker, a teleportation into the expansion of self. Framed through Future Eyes, YOZMIT's private performance shifted the dimensions of an auction and the experience of contemporary art.  BID27 will host auctions once a month, for more information please visit & save the date for May 15, 2014.

Coralmorphologic x Bhakti Baxter

Coral Reef City, 2014 -- a collaboration by two of my favorite Miami artists Coralmorphologic and Bhakti Baxter, these guys are organically trippy and redefining Miami's iconography one piece at a time. 

18 Toll Collection Booth Wraps-Port Miami
Commissioned by Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places

Natology & Anthony Japour's ABMB 2013

Natology recently collaborated with good friend and art advisor, Anthony Japour on an Art Basel Miami 2013 recap for Social Miami. Featuring Jeff Koons, Seth Price, Agustina Woodgate and TM Sisters.

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The Symmetry of Yuri Tuma

There is a universal formula at the basis of all design. Whether it’s in the three-dimensional structure of an atom or the blueprint of a building, a beautiful mathematical equation lays at the foundation of all form. To see the world in shapes, colors, and lines is a blessing. To capture it, mold it, construct it and deconstruct it is another story. Yuri Tuma sees the world in the form of abstract symmetry, which he’s applied to creating a visual language where images replace numbers and patterns shape the conversation.

Yuri Tuma is a Brazilian artist based in Miami, Florida whose art matches the balance of his personality and the vibrational frequency of his name. In other words, Tuma has a harmonious nature that is reflected in his work. He is a photographer who uses shapes and linear structure to develop symmetrical patterns that mirror the nature of design. There is a left-brain and right-brain balance in his work that merges math and intuition to illustrate an understanding of universal geometry. Represented by the established and rebellious Butter Gallery, Tuma has had four solo exhibitions (2008 – 2013) alongside group shows and art fairs in New York and Shanghai. In his fifth solo exhibition, Tuma presents Headlights at Product/81 Gallery, opening Saturday August 10, 2013 in Miami, Fl.  Commissioned by Fordistas, Headlights presents the study of formulaic patterns and optical-symmetry. Tuma sees the application of nature’s patterns in man-made structures, which he presents through a kaleidoscopic lens that makes the inorganic, organic. I’d like to see his work evolve into textiles, where I’m first in line for a turban collaboration and dream of seeing his prints on a Proenza-Schouler runway. Lots of exciting stuff for the charming Yuri Tuma, who is an eligible bachelor for the sophisti-gays.

Francesco Lo Castro

“In the realm of intersecting ideas, lies the opportunity of transformative change, ” Francesco Lo Castro.

Francesco Lo Castro has the heart of a painter and the mind of a twenty-first century philosopher. His recent body of work explores subjects in the metaphysical and existential realms, which he conveys through a visual language that is both accessible and complex. Through the use of shapes, colors, symmetry, layers and movement, Lo Castro presents his work across a platform that transcends the diversity of the human experience. There is a meditative quality beneath his paintings, which is brought to life in subtle video movement. Each painting is constructed through symmetrical layers that are slowly stripped away to reveal a nucleus within a configuration that reflects the invisible structures that define our experience. Deep, I know; but you can also appreciate it from a purely aesthetic place that’s pleasing to the eye and inexplicably peaceful.

As we prepare to shift into a new paradigm, we see the evolution of thought reflected in present dialogues. Francesco Lo Castro is an active voice in the contemporary art movement and is helping to steer things in the right direction. Noted for his contributions to Pop-Surrealism, Lo Castro is recognized as a key figure in bringing its urban contemporary aesthetics into the realm of fine art. As a painter, curator, and founder of new art fairs, there is a proactive element behind each action that defines him as a humble visionary of our time. Artists have always functioned as mediums in conveying higher levels of understanding and Lo Castro airs on that of the 4th dimension. As artists we are the catalysts in the transformation of society and Francesco occupies an important place within it. Below are some shots from our studio visit last month and a glimpse at his latest geometric goodness. Pay close attention to his paintings and videos, there often appears to be a digital design element but it’s been created by hand. And last but not least, check out the Natology portrait, which totally takes the cake.

The Urban Hunter

Speaking of lone rangers wearing cowboy hats in rugged landscapes shot vertically, the Richard Prince exhibition reminded me a lot of my friend David Tamargo’s Urban Hunter. David and I went to school together, and I will forever be a fan of the way this guy can shoot a landscape. Long exposures, Leica 35mm film, color and dark rooms made David the artist he is today. I’m happy to see such a strong correlation between his recent work and that of Prince’s. Not that it surprises me, but it’s always inspiring to see these types of connections. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of something, and I think David’s got a good story to tell.

Urban Hunting is the bigger picture, it focuses on creating and documenting situational fantasy where Tamargo and his characters hunt/interact with man-made animal sculptures found in urban environments. The Urban Hunter focuses on the main character of the story. He’s shot vertically and almost identical in composition as Richard Prince’s Cowboys. There’s an interesting similarity between the two, including an element that inspires fashion. I’m working with David on an editorial series, which we’ll be releasing sometime next year. If friends are a reflection of who we are and how we think, then I couldn’t be more honored to be a friend and a fan. I’ll leave you with his perspective on Urban Hunting and a taste of his work. Pay attention to the composition, lighting, color and saturation in his night shots. There’s a whole lot of magic happening in there.

Cowboys in Beverly Hills

Richard Prince’s Cowboys opened last night in Beverly Hills at Gagosian Gallery. In his current exhibition, Prince tells the tale of a lone man wandering the great outdoors. The story is told in the form of abstract paintings over beautifully enlarged inkjet prints of characters from frontier-books. Prince’s Cowboys are presented in vertical compositions that challenge general notions on how landscapes are typically shot. Focusing on each cowboy, Prince reduces the background landscapes abstractly with colors that mirror a California sunset, neon details and all.

In true Gagosian fashion, Prince’s show opened the week of the Oscars bringing out his most established endorsers. Among his fans were John Waters, Terry Richardson, Elton John, Pamela Anderson, Mario Testino, and 90s crush Jared Leto. No doubt this was the place to be and I was living for the fashion. The crowd was dressed to the nines, which is no surprise given Richard’s presence in le monde de la mode. In 2007, his Nurse series inspired a collaboration with Marc Jacobs that produced the Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2008 collection for which my jaw is still dropped. Here’s a couple of pics from the show and some of my favs of his works. Check out the babe in the Burberry Prosum Spring ’13 trench straight off the runway, cause that's how you do.