The Symmetry of Yuri Tuma

There is a universal formula at the basis of all design. Whether it’s in the three-dimensional structure of an atom or the blueprint of a building, a beautiful mathematical equation lays at the foundation of all form. To see the world in shapes, colors, and lines is a blessing. To capture it, mold it, construct it and deconstruct it is another story. Yuri Tuma sees the world in the form of abstract symmetry, which he’s applied to creating a visual language where images replace numbers and patterns shape the conversation.

Yuri Tuma is a Brazilian artist based in Miami, Florida whose art matches the balance of his personality and the vibrational frequency of his name. In other words, Tuma has a harmonious nature that is reflected in his work. He is a photographer who uses shapes and linear structure to develop symmetrical patterns that mirror the nature of design. There is a left-brain and right-brain balance in his work that merges math and intuition to illustrate an understanding of universal geometry. Represented by the established and rebellious Butter Gallery, Tuma has had four solo exhibitions (2008 – 2013) alongside group shows and art fairs in New York and Shanghai. In his fifth solo exhibition, Tuma presents Headlights at Product/81 Gallery, opening Saturday August 10, 2013 in Miami, Fl.  Commissioned by Fordistas, Headlights presents the study of formulaic patterns and optical-symmetry. Tuma sees the application of nature’s patterns in man-made structures, which he presents through a kaleidoscopic lens that makes the inorganic, organic. I’d like to see his work evolve into textiles, where I’m first in line for a turban collaboration and dream of seeing his prints on a Proenza-Schouler runway. Lots of exciting stuff for the charming Yuri Tuma, who is an eligible bachelor for the sophisti-gays.

Feel Good Summer

I just returned from the city of endless summers and brought back a gift from Miami. I bounce around between LA and Miami for work and recently finished a pretty cool project for my client Product/81 creative lab. During my last trip I got a chance to collaborate with Laura and Patrick of Nightdrive Miami on producing the first Fordistas EP. Forditsas is a creative endeavor powered by South Florida Ford to give artists a launching platform through exhibitions and art related events. We took a step in a new direction earlier this month, releasing the Dude Skywalker “Feel Good” EP created exclusively for Fordistas.

Dude Skywalker “Feel Good” EP serves a nice sampling of Miami’s underground dance music and provides a nice summer party soundtrack. Each of the tracks was remixed by a different Miami DJ to give a taste of the different flavors the city has to offer. The album artwork was designed by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Yuri Tuma. Miami’s got some pretty cool people there right now all of which are working around the clock on creating a cultural movement. To learn more about the artists check out and download the full album on