Have you met Mozart?

It’s no secret that we are currently undergoing an age of enlightenment. We are living in an era so powerful and beautiful, few have the opportunity to experience it in their lifetime, let alone be a creative force behind the revolution. As with any redesign, one must remember that everything has already been done and that’s where the formula lays but it’s up to those who have that fire to take it to the next level. So with that said, allow me to introduce you to our new Mozart, Amadeus Leopold.

The artist formally known as Hahn-Bin, recently re-birthed as Amadeus Leopold which appears to be a natural evolution towards taking his place at the throne. And as his predecessor Wolfgang, our new Mozart oozes with chic. The Mozart of our new age is a diva so fierce her talent surpasses the benign limits of our previous eras as it redesigns the culture of classical music. Drawing from the avant-garde geniuses that have led us here, Leopold’s performance reflects a little Klaus Nomi and Shantay Shantay!