Into the Rainbow Vein

Magnus Sodamin is a psychedelic journey in the form of a person with a hint of Austrian country club and Lisa Frank. When I'm with him I know I’m in the presence of a genius, but it’s secondary to the full-hearted energy in his laugh. He’s crazy in the best of ways, but mostly just a curious and dedicated explorer of his craft. Sodamin himself is a work of art and his art reflects that. Developed from an exploratory nature, Sodamin has created a body of work with a visual language that communicates what is difficult to put into words. 

Great artists are tapped into a source that is beyond us. Each receiving a different piece of information that is deciphered and communicated in their work. Like the piece of a puzzle whose picture makes up the whole, Sodamin’s paintings capture universal rhythms in vast landscapes of hypnotic and colorful swirls. Here are shots from some of our studio visits in preparation for his solo exhibition debut: Into the Rainbow Vein, which will open Friday February 7, 2014 at PRIMARY in Miami, Florida. I’m the first collector of Magnus Sodamin's mixed media on boot -- these were my kicks from this past Basel, painted with neon veins and love...but check out the shirt he was wearing when he delivered them!!! -_-

(the neon tear under the cat's eye is a splash of paint from the shoe)