The Akashic Record

“A writer should write with his eyes and a painter should paint with his ears.” 

Gertrude Stein 

If writers should write with their eyes and painters paint with their ears, then musicians are to compose at their equivalent metaphor. Art is a vast form of expression that’s continuously evolving while channeling its predecessors. Music is a platform so wide that the majority of the sound being produced is concentrated within a nucleus plagued with safety. Around and within the nucleus are the creative minds that inject it with the ingredients needed to shift and inspire culture. Radioinactive also known as Kamal de Iruretagoyena Humphrey is one of those figures. Armed with a collection of the most beautiful vintage equipment, an ear that paints and eyes that write, Radioinactive brings you The Akashic Record.

The Akashic Record is recognized by mystics as the cosmic library of all existence. It exists within the astral plane and its knowledge can be accessed through astral projection. Something tells me that’s where Radioinactive produced this record. Channeling gypsy beats, California 60s surf, and mysterious records, Radioinactive takes you on a guided hip hop meditation into the stories of a well-traveled and conscious emcee. He’s released three singles from the record this past year, all of which are paired with visual accouterments that I’d like to see projected on gallery walls accompanied by a full orchestra and a performance by Radioinactive. Anyway, check out the album and perhaps it will inspire you too.

The album is produced and mixed by Radioinactive's Flying Carpet Studios, with the exception of Mint Tea produced by French extraordinaire rap combo LA CAUTION (featured in the movie Ocean’s Eleven). It features appearances by Los Angeles underground MC hall of famers 2MEX, BUSDRIVER, and ELLAY KHULE, as well as artist and producer SUNNY LEVINE (Ariel Pink,Happy Mondays, Scarlett Johansson/Pete Yorn). Long-time friend/collaborator BURT GREGORY AKA LAWRENCE GARCEAUX (The West Coast Scavengers) lends some further production as does ANDRE AFRAM ASMAR (Mush records) who provides some tasteful glitches and self re-edits.