The Colorist

There’s a relationship between color and composition that is mastered by every great artist. Whether it’s developing a new shade or working within existing tones, this colorist has stepped beyond the color wheel to develop a signature palette and application method distinct to his name. Daniel Moon is one of the most creative, inspiring, and goddamn amazing people I know and I think you’d agree.

The nontraditional-hair-color-craze has become a prominent trend in recent years, from models blessing the runway in pink locks to the countless trendsetters, celebrities, and internet sensations lavished in lavender, mint, and cotton candy hair. There’s no question that more and more colorists are exploring beyond the neutral palette, but doing so steps into an art realm where very few have the sensitivity and understanding to produce work at an artistic level. We have one of the greats here in Los Angeles, his name is Daniel Moon, but you can call him Danny or Major Moon if you’d like and you can find him at Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood. Here’s a quick taste of Major Moon.

“I create with the mindset of complimenting colors, color blocking, and developing color palettes that keep in mind how everything moves. I see things as an ocean of color rather than just a one color thing. There’s a rhythm, a movement, and an emotion." Daniel Moon