Studio Visits: Johnny Laderer

To walk into Johnny Laderer’s studio is to experience his work in its most ideal setting. Laderer is a multidisciplinary artist who delves deep into his environment to explore the relationships between tropical flora (plants) and fauna (animal), urban development, and Floridian iconography. The Florida native lives and works in his Miami studio where the precision of his touch is felt in the arrangement of every corner. He’s immersive and poetic in his approach to exploring the correlation between the elements of land, sea, and swamp that surround him. For Laderer, it’s all about the details and similarities, such as the print of native plant life and its resemblance to the scaled patterns on alligators and boa constrictor coats. From recreating road signs to cement casted citrus, his work is the personification of a Florida postcard. Here’s a taste of his Hemingway hideout in Little Haiti and some shots from our studio visit. For the record, he sleeps in a boat surrounded by art and great lighting.

Laderer is also the guy behind the Miami-based lifestyle brand Algae, that’s “a” before “e”. Reflective of its name, Algae carries the seafoam and sunset palette of the Florida Keys in its limited edition artist series of locally manufactured beach wear.