Cash Cans & Cocaine

Earlier this month Natology announced the Austrian art collective Perfekt World's group exhibition Cash Cans & Cocaine, where an installation of confiscated objects examined the juxtaposition of Miami's drug-ridden past and art-infused present. In a scene suggesting the aftermath of a drug raid, Perfekt World finalized their three-month Fountainhead residency with a two day group show featuring the city's most recognized bad asses. Alongside George Sanchez Calderon, Michael Vasquez, Andrew Nigon, Typoe, and Asif Farooq, Natology artist Jessy Nite presented her pill-typography piece Roll Model and white powder line works, Controlled Substances #1-6, conspicuously peeping out of black duffel bags. In a community notorious for its drug war, I propose we redefine Miami's notoriety by buying art not cocaine.

Photos by  Maria Krasa

The Urban Hunter

Speaking of lone rangers wearing cowboy hats in rugged landscapes shot vertically, the Richard Prince exhibition reminded me a lot of my friend David Tamargo’s Urban Hunter. David and I went to school together, and I will forever be a fan of the way this guy can shoot a landscape. Long exposures, Leica 35mm film, color and dark rooms made David the artist he is today. I’m happy to see such a strong correlation between his recent work and that of Prince’s. Not that it surprises me, but it’s always inspiring to see these types of connections. They’ve got their finger on the pulse of something, and I think David’s got a good story to tell.

Urban Hunting is the bigger picture, it focuses on creating and documenting situational fantasy where Tamargo and his characters hunt/interact with man-made animal sculptures found in urban environments. The Urban Hunter focuses on the main character of the story. He’s shot vertically and almost identical in composition as Richard Prince’s Cowboys. There’s an interesting similarity between the two, including an element that inspires fashion. I’m working with David on an editorial series, which we’ll be releasing sometime next year. If friends are a reflection of who we are and how we think, then I couldn’t be more honored to be a friend and a fan. I’ll leave you with his perspective on Urban Hunting and a taste of his work. Pay attention to the composition, lighting, color and saturation in his night shots. There’s a whole lot of magic happening in there.