12 / 2015
Art Basel Miami
Miami, Fl. 

Red…and Other Stories! curated by Nathaly Charria surveys David Jay’s transition from editorial fashion photography into a narrative look at the unseen aspects of humanity. His subjects, muses and warriors, reside within oft untold personal stories. Jay’s work is a confrontation between the depth of beauty, and the transitory nature of existence. A dichotomous blend of haunting subject matter with stark figurative arrangements, they beg the viewer to look deeper, beyond the surface reality.

Chronicling aspects of the human condition that are traditionally wiped from the zeitgeist, each photograph serves as an intervention. They’re meant to stir the viewer out of complacency, spark conversation, or leave an indelible mark wherever shown. Thus, the images work in collaboration with the viewer–forming an active, rather than passive, experience. 

In 2015, David Jay was awarded the Lucie Award Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year. Jay’s work has been exhibited and acquired by galleries and institutions around the world, including The Phillips Collection (Washington, DC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Museum of Fine Art (Houston, TX), and was recently acquired by the Library of Congress.