07 / 2014
Pseudo & Morph
Los Angeles, Ca. 

Pseudo & Morph was commissioned by Futra and curated by Nathaly Charria. This project featured “Oxidation” by Jos McKain alongside visuals by Lindsay Scoggins. “Oxidation”  is a meditative performance on the devolution of the human body and its ability to shift into an amorphous state. This meditation is intended to diffuse gender pairing, silhouetting a nude male (McKain) and juxtaposing him against Scoggins’ signature video work. The ideas center on replication as a form of evolution, both intellectually and socially. In 2014 McKain performed with Julien Prévieux, recipient of Prix Marcel Duchamp. Awarded by Association pour la Diffusion Internationale de l’Art Français in partnership with the Centre Pompidou and FIAC. McKain hasappeared in works by Marina Abramovic, Mike Kelley, Scott Benzel, and Emily Mast, with venue credits that include Carnegie Hall, MOMA PS1, LACMA, MOCA, MOA, and Palais de Tokyo. Lindsay Scoggins was a founding artist in the Guggenheim’s YouTube Play Biennial of 2010.