08 / 2016
Spotify Artist Garden / FYF Fest
We Came In Peace
Los Angeles, Ca.

The Spotify Artist Garden at FYF Fest was created as a hidden oasis for artists performing at the Los Angeles music festival. The concept was to transform the backstage area into an amenity-filled garden where artists could relax and unwind. Amenities included private massages, skincare treatments by Noto Botanics, Glitter Bar by Major Moon Shine, Never-ending Noshes and Vegan Ice Cream Sunday Bar by Sage, Stick and Poke Tattoos by Talia Migliaccio, Tarot Readings by House of Intuition, and a gifting suite with all local and independent brands with on-the-road essentials. Arbors of hewn maple trunks created outdoor rooms, housing midcentury lounge furniture - perfect for intimate conversation and impromptu festival pow-wows. The garden became a place for artists to recharge, refuel, and unwind - a welcomed addition to the festival ecosystem.