The 14th Factory
Bold Communications
Los Angeles, Ca

The 14th Factory is a large-scale exhibition by Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch. Taking place across three acres, at a former Chinese import-export warehouse in Lincoln Heights, the exhibition presents installation, sculpture, video, painting and performance. The 14th Factory goes outside traditional institutional and gallery models and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit global artist collective made to create large-scale contemporary art experiences as act of vehicles for social change. 

The 14th Factory's "Encounter" campaign introduces the project to LA's creative community through collaboration. A global artist collective created by Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch, the 14th Factory invites Mecca Vazie Andrews to connect with the exhibition and space through dance, movement, performance and play. The campaign was released on Instagram as a three part series directed by Nathaly Charria. 

In the Meteor Room piece, Mecca honors family and ancestry. The colors black, white and red represent Trinidad whilst the dance attributes the light of humanity with atmospheric friction. 

“When I think of meteors, I think of light traveling and part of my process is relating to the idea of time. This piece is about my ancestors and how they are connected to me through light and time.
“This piece connects to the idea of being present and being a shadow of one’s self. ”

— Mecca Vazie Andrews

This piece is inspired by Simon Birch's Inhumans, which Mecca believes presents fighters in a graceful structured and organized "quarrel for no reason." She addresses the conflict of fighting one's self and the science of the human reassembling and regenerating following battle.